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Beading Advice...in 4 Words or Less!

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their best beading advice in 4 words or less, and this is what they came up with: 1. Buy the best tools. 2. Heavy duty crimp beads. 3. Bead happy. 4. Just try it! 5. Always follow your heart. 6. Trust your design instincts. 7. Patience, don't give up! 8. Buy ALL the beads! 9. Take chances. 10. Try it [...]

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Beading Tutorial - Knotted Hemp Bead Bracelet

We have yet another simple Knotted Hemp Bracelet Tutorial from Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects. We absolutely love how she uses our Glass Crow Beads, Bone Beads, and Pewter Connector Bead in this project for a simple blend of colors. The hemp knots in the bracelet are a unique touch if you’re interested in [...]

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99 Reasons to Bead

1. Improves fine motor skills. 2. Because I can’t stop buying beads. 3. It’s FUN! 4. It’s raining… again! 5. Reruns on TV 6. Need to unwind. 7. Self-expression 8. It’s my job! 9. Builds self-confidence. 10. Avoiding the family 11. Mommy needs to play too! 12. Teacher appreciation day. 13. Considering plaiting my hair. 14. Avoiding housework. 15. Beads are fat-free. 16. [...]

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Gemstone Lore: Fact or Fiction?

Some call it wisdom, some call it myth, but I tend to want to believe this preposterous lore. Their uses can be as colorful as the gemstones themselves; and, though my original intention wasn't to humor, I confess... I couldn’t contain my laughter while compiling these. Enjoy!Agate - It is believed that [...]

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Nagaland - It's People and Jewelry

The Naga are hill people who live in villages in Northeast India. Nagaland sits at the tri-junction of China, India and Burma. Nagaland’s large population is made up entirely of tribal people (approximately 19 different ethnic groups). Each tribe possesses traits and sentiments unique to their community. This ranges from a strong political conscience to [...]

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Bead Organization: A Never-Ending Battle

As a beader, I’m sure you all understand the importance of bead organization. Keeping your beads and supplies organized so that they are easy to access and approach is crucial – and we can all use a second opinion or some advice! I just did a complete re-organization of all my beads and [...]

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