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Pewter 'Celtic' Pendants - All of the pendants on this page were made in the USA. They are cast using 100% lead & cadmium free pewter. Click on the image below and a new page will open offering larger views, a detailed description and purchase information.
What is pewter? Pewter is alloy metal which combines tin, copper and antimony together; modern day pewter contains no silver. Pewter was a widely used metal during colonial times in the United States. At that time it was used to make kitchen & tableware, jewelry and other goods. In past times lead was added in the production, but today it is not as this has been found to be a health hazard. A newly purchased object made out of pewter will generally be very shiny. Though it doesn't tarnish, over a period of time pewter may change to have a slightly grayer look. This should not be considered a flaw in the piece because this is a natural process of the metal reacting to various elements. Pewter can be cleaned with soap and water.