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About Us

About Us, the folks behind Happy Mango Beads:

Happy Mango Beads is an internet-based business located near the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in a small town called Berthoud.  It all started more than 30 years ago when Dan and Rudi Taylor began collecting African Trade Beads as a hobby.  As the collection grew they tried selling some of the beads, and after a lot of nurturing, Happy Mango Beads was born.  Because of Dan and Rudi's love of travel (and history in the import/export field), it was the perfect business for them.  Now they travel all over the world to countries such as Peru, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Ghana, and Italy (to name a few) in search of special beads, pendants, and amulets.  Dan and Rudi LOVE their work and they love beads!  We believe Happy Mango Beads is a reflection of that.

Outside of Happy Mango Beads, Dan and Rudi enjoy spending time with their 6 dogs and very large family, including 10 grandchildren!  They are founders of the nonprofit, Harley's Dream, an animal welfare organization which educates the public about the cruel reality of the commercial dog breeding industry (also known as puppy mills).  They enjoy bike riding, camping, flying small aircraft, collecting wine, and of course, TRAVEL!  They also have a fabulous store in the same building as Happy Mango Beads - it's called Wishful Living and it's filled with all sorts of treasures they've imported during their travels.

The rest of the team at Happy Mango:

Kelly is our office manager and takes photos of all our new beads.  Kelly dabbles in all sorts of crafts including drawing, painting, weaving, and embroidery.  She recently traveled to Hawaii with her grandparents, and fell in love with snorkeling and beach combing - hobbies that are a little difficult in Colorado!  She would love to see more of the world including Iceland, Scotland, Japan ... anywhere really!  Kelly also enjoys hiking and hanging out at home with her two cats, Bean and Pigeon.
Suzanne (Suz, to her friends) is our order-packing and customer service expert.  She wraps all your orders with extra care to ensure your beads arrive safely.  Suz is a mom, and crazy for cats (especially her two, Jack and Yetti)!  She is passionate about helping others with their health and fitness, and loves to travel.  Recently she went on a hiking trip through the Scottish Highlands, and can't wait to go back!  Her favorite color is red and she loves Halloween.  She hopes to inspire everyone she meets and lives by her personal motto of "She who is brave is free".
Mr. Mango
Mr. Mango is an orange tabby with a big voice and a big heart.  He spends his days inspecting beads, helping write e-mails (by sitting on the keyboard), warming chairs, and keeping his co-workers on task - MEOW!  He loves tuna, freeze-dried chicken treats, and catnip mice.  He hates traveling.