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99 Reasons to Bead

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1. Improves fine motor skills.
2. Because I can’t stop buying beads.
3. It’s FUN!
4. It’s raining… again!
5. Reruns on TV
6. Need to unwind.
7. Self-expression
8. It’s my job!
9. Builds self-confidence.
10. Avoiding the family
11. Mommy needs to play too!
12. Teacher appreciation day.
13. Considering plaiting my hair.
14. Avoiding housework.
15. Beads are fat-free.
16. I’m making all handmade gifts this Christmas.
17. Improves hand-eye coordination.
18. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself!
19. Beading can be competitive too.
20. Make extra $$$. Look out Etsy… here I come!
21. I just got a new book on CD.
22. It’s my hobby.
23. Because I can!
24. Because I need something to share with my friends on my blog/Facebook/Twitter
25. I like to challenge myself.
26. Spend quality time with daughter/mother/son/father/grandma/grandchild.
27. I can’t sleep.
28. I’m making a lanyard for my nurse friend.
29. I need a gift… quick!
30. Beading goes well with wine
31. My creativity ebbs and flows… right now it’s flowing!
32. Because I convinced my husband I “needed” a beading studio.
33. Feeling inspired by the latest issue of Stringing Magazine.
34. My pets need bling too!
35. I would never sit through a movie otherwise.
36. It’s a way to recreate the world around me.
37. Believe it or not beading can be social.
38. It’s too hot outside and beading is AC friendly.
39. I’m excited to try something new.
40. Happy Mango Beads is having a beading contest!
41. Stringing beads can be a form of meditation.
42. Mardi Gras, baby!
43. This necklace isn’t going to make its self.
44. It’s the weekend!
45. It’s Hump Day.
46. To honor my ancestors.
47. Making Christmas tree ornaments.
48. Snowed in!
49. I promised my family I would spend less time on Facebook.
50. Empty nest.
51. Beading lets me tell my story.
52. Feels good to complete a project.
53. Improves concentration.
54. Beading is a hobby I can travel with.
55. My beads don’t talk back.
56. Having a bad hair day and I need something to do while I hide inside.
57. Grandma can’t have ALL the crafty fun.
58. Mother’s Day!
59. Something to do while I’m on Vacation.
60. It’s the closest thing to a vacation I will ever get.
61. I love beads!
62. There’s not much more I can do after my CrossFit class.
63. My local coffee shop is beader-friendly.
64. I’m a true recessionista and only wear recycled or handmade!
65. If I don’t do something with all the beads I’ve hoarded there may be an intervention.
66. I’m addicted.
67. Beading keeps me young.
68. Brings out the creative Goddess in me.
69. No chance anyone will show up to the party wearing the same earrings as me.
70. Who says you can only string popcorn? Beads make fun Christmas garland.
71. Beading class is closer than my Pilates class.
72. Who need an entire hour to eat lunch?
73. Aren’t idle hands the tools of the devil?
74. I love gemstones.
75. It’s the healthiest vice I’ve found yet.
76. Because I can make a prettier necklace than you!
77. All the cool moms are doing it.
78. Umm… I’m bored.
79. What else would I do? Laundry?
80. I was cleaning the house but then I found all these beads…
81. Because 3 million hippies can’t be wrong!
82. Provides a distraction from my busy life.
83. My dream of becoming a rock star isn’t working out.
84. I can make my own string of prayer beads or rosary.
85. It’s safer than bungee jumping.
86. I can wear/display my jewelry designs.
87. Beading makes me smile.
88. As a form of cultural awareness.
89. Allows me time alone with my thoughts.
90. Beads are beautiful.
91. Because handmade is better than mass produced.
92. Bead curtains are still cool- I don’t care if they date me!
93. When I’m beading my imagination is my only limit.
94. My beads don’t care that I can’t really sing.
95. I can use them to make bookmarks.
96. No wedding is complete without pearl beads.
97. Because beading is better than knitting.
98. Even those really gaudy beads have a place on my ugly Christmas sweater.
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