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Well folks, it doesn't get much easier than this!

1. String our Cane Glass Beads onto some Bracelet Memory Wire
2. Add a few spacer beads, such as these Crystal Glass Beads
3. Create a loop on each end of the bracelet with Slim Round Nose Pliers to keep the beads in place

Sit back and admire your work!

Cane Glass Beads - Happy Mango Beads

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A trip through Myanmar

The gal checking us in at the Denver International Airport didn’t know how to process our Myanmar visas–hadn’t seen one before. We were not on our way to a popular travel destination, and that made the trip all the more glamorous. Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is not a completely virgin land, but it has opened [...]

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How they're made: Czech Glass Beads

The Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) is constantly at the forefront of the bead making industry. How are these beautiful glass beads made? What’s the difference between table cut, fire polished and pressed glass? Well, we’ve got the low down for you, CZECH IT OUT below! In a nutshell:  1. Melt glass cane in [...]

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