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As a beader, I’m sure you all understand the importance of bead organization. Keeping your beads and

supplies organized so that they are easy to access and approach is crucial – and we can all use a second opinion or some advice! I just did a complete re-organization of all my beads and equipment this past week, and it was definitely a large endeavor…but it was so rewarding when I was done!

I’m using several small plastic containers that I picked up at Target to keep my beads organized by color or type. Within those containers, I have each type of bead in it’s own small baggie. I even used my dad’s ancient label-maker to label each box. As for the rest of my stringing material, wire, packing supplies, and labeling necessities, I have everything organized into separate bins. I found some gigantic paperclips and used a few note-cards to attach a tag on each bin, saying what it’s contents are.

For me, this works. I don’t have a lot of room to store things, so it is efficient and easy to access. Everything has its own home and I can clearly see what each bin has to offer.

I use a mason jar to keep my pliers and nippers in line, along with scissors and a small ruler. I found a cute little dumpster container that I use for putting my jewelry “trash” in while I’m working. My small findings are sorted into a “pill box” which makes it easy to open one compartment and dump out what I need. I also used some small paper bags to sort random items into, including my “Let’s DO This!” bag which includes projects that I’m not motivated for, but need to get done!

How do you organize your beads? Any tips or tricks of the trade to share?

Please send us pictures and any comments you may have!

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