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We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their best beading advice in 4 words or less, and this is what they came up with:

1. Buy the best tools.
2. Heavy duty crimp beads.
3. Bead happy.
4. Just try it!
5. Always follow your heart.
6. Trust your design instincts.
7. Patience, don't give up!
8. Buy ALL the beads!
9. Take chances.
10. Try it and learn.
11. Keep trying.
12. Laugh at mistakes.
13. Place needle into thread.
14. Just bead it.
15. You can do this!
16. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
17. Always have good lighting.
18. Have fun!
19. Not enough beads yet.
20. Use rimmed cookie sheet.
21. Dare to be different!
22. Relax and have fun!
23. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
24. Bead for peaceful relaxation.
25. Don't create for money.
26. Do not drop beads.
27. Don't vacuum under you.
28. Clean your glasses.
29. Don't smoke while beading.
30. Beaders do it creatively.
31. Count before attaching clasp.
32. Needles can be painful.
33. Complimentary colors.
34. Find inspiration in magazines.
35. Mix and match.
36. Use a beading mat.
37. Take a deep breath.
38. Take a break...
39. ...and revisit it later.
40. Shop Happy Mango Beads!

Tell us YOUR best beading advice in 4 words or less in the comments below!

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