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The Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) is constantly at the forefront of the bead making industry. How are these beautiful glass beads made? What’s the difference between table cut, fire polished and pressed glass? Well, we’ve got the low down for you, CZECH IT OUT below!

In a nutshell: 

1. Melt glass cane in a hot furnace to create molten glass. 

2. Pour molten glass into molds. 

3. Insert needle to create a hole. 

4. Tumble to break off excess glass and smooth beads. Now you have pressed Czech glass beads.

5. Put pressed glass beads into faceting machine. 

6. Place beads in hot oven to melt surfaces.

With 2 sides faceted, you have table cut (window cut) Czech glass beads. With all sides faceted, you have fire polished Czech glass beads.

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Czech Glass Beads - Happy Mango Beads

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