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We all have ‘em, don’t we? Those days where it seems you have lost all of your creative power and the beader’s block sets in. Those particular days seem to drag and it can be easy to talk yourself down because, ‘why aren’t you being creative right now?!’ Don’t stress. Here are 4 tips to help get you back into your groove:

1) Change your perspective: Take some space both mentally (and physically!) from your work. Reading a book, writing a blog post, taking a short trip, or just taking a walk around your neighborhood can help you re-set and re-charge. Try working in a new location, like a local coffee shop. Or go for an adventure and get out in nature to clear your mind. Sometimes you have to mix it up for creativity to have the space to strike!

2) Become a Jill (or Jack) of all Art Trades: If you’re feeling a little burned out on your current passion, take up something new and exciting! Art takes many forms so try painting, writing, metal work, knitting, wood working, playing music (so many options!) to get your mind thinking a-new! This can take your creativity to a whole new level because of the many new outlets it will have to think and problem solve.

3) Play! Don’t take yourself too seriously and just go with what feels right. Think of the craziest final product you can and tone it back from there. Try taking the perspective of someone else and how they may come up with the solution. Remember that nothing is set in stone. By doing this you may find your creation will come out not how you originally imagined, but even better!

4) Don’t rush: Don’t beat yourself up if you think something is taking ‘too long’ to come together. See all challenges as opportunities and remember, creativity is not a competition. Deep down, you know that you’re just waiting for yourself to come up with the best idea you have!

Believe it or not, creativity takes practice and even though you may think it, you are not going to run out of this super power!

And meanwhile… visit us at Happy Mango Beads for a little inspiration so you can start getting those creative juices flowing!

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