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In my recent ventures into jewelry making I’ve improvised a few tricks that I felt were blog-worthy. First thing is that a new kitten and an exposed beading project do not mix well. Add to that scenario a carpeted craft room and I thought for sure I would lose at least half of my precious beads to the vacuum. But the resourceful problem-solving skills of an all around crafter kicked in and I found a genius (if I say so myself) solution. Using some knee high panty hose, I fitted one over the end of the vacuum wand and waved it over the carpet. It conveniently sucked up (but not sucked in) all the kitten casualties trapped in my carpeting.

Beader 1 : Kitten 0.

Having worked in the Happy Mango Beads warehouse for a few years now, I have seen a fair share of vacuums crack under the pressure of too many beads and strings for an appliance to handle. Save your vacuums and beads by re-purposing old panty hose!

Side note: if you feel like your vacuum has too much suction for the pantyhose, just add another layer of fabric over the vacuum wand.

Any other tips from fellow beaders out there for cleaning up beads? Please share in the comments!

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