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Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

This quick jewelry project combines Crystal Glass and brass finish components to make an elegant accessory that works for casual days or evenings out.  You’ll get a little sparkle and shine in this floral-themed pair of DIY earrings!
Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY
If you can open and close jump rings to connect these basic pieces together, you already have all the skills you need for this easy beginner jewelry project.
 Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY
Tools and Materials:
Additional Supplies:
Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY

Begin by opening the 22 gauge jump rings (the thinner rings) and slipping one bead onto each to create 6 bead charms.  Now these glass teardrop beads are drilled horizontally at the top of the bead, but not every bead is identical – so even using the thin rings may not work on every bead you’ll find on the strand.  If you encounter any resistance stringing the bead onto the ring, just try a different bead. 

I cracked a few of my glass beads experimenting with the ideal size and gauge jump ring, settling on 6mm in 22 gauge.  Larger rings will work fine!  The smaller the ring, the more curved the rings are.  If you enjoy wirework or wire wrapping, that’s an excellent alternative to using rings.

Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY

Next, cut 4 lengths of chain 1/4 inch long and 2 lengths to 1/2 inch.  Because you’re working with such short lengths, counting the number of links will probably be the easiest way to ensure that your chain segments are equal lengths!

Connect the chain to the jump ring on your bead, and at the opposite end, use a second jump ring to add each chain to the connector piece.  The two outer holes will use the short chains, and the longer chains will be attached to the center hole.

Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY
Finally, attach an earring wire to the single hole at the top of each connector to complete your pair of DIY earrings.
Brass Teardrop Earrings Tutorial DIY