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Where Does Happy Mango Beads Live?

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Have you ever wondered exactly where Happy Mango Beads is located?

This picture shows our building (before and after). We purchased this 100 year old building 4 1/2 years ago in beautiful, historic downtown Berthoud, Colorado and we renovated it. We completely gutted it, stripped paint off the brick, even excavated the ground underneath, a tremendous project! It used to be a livery stable called 'City Star Barn' and so we kept that name..

The building is huge, 10,000 sq feet, and our bead warehouse and office is in the back corner.

In 2012 we received the Colorado Governor's award for the 'best adaptive reuse of a historic building' - a great honor. We are proud!

Anyway... this is where Happy Mango Beads lives.

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