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Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

From the beads we sell to the packaging we use to ship the beads, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

All of our recycled glass beads and sandcast beads from Africa and Indonesia are crafted using old, discarded and broken glass such as bottles, windshields, mirrors, etc. Most of the metal beads we offer are made from used materials as well, for example, the recycled aluminum cube beads from Ethiopia were crafted by melting down old aluminum silverware. Also many of our brass beads from Ghana are made from old keys.

In addition to beads made from recycled materials we also offer beads made from environmentally friendly, sustainable resources. Some examples of these beads are: seed and nut, wood, bone and several others. Our Indonesian wood beads are made from fast-growing trees which are farmed, not only to help the environment, but for commercial purposes as well, making them very environmentally friendly.

We could go on and on... about the packing materials we use, about the recycling program at our warehouse, how our employees take the bus and walk to work... but we won't bore you anymore. So how about a special deal in honor of Earth Day?

Enter coupon code "LOVEtheEARTH" during checkout and you'll save 20% off your entire order. That's an additional 20% off anything that's on sale! (offer good today only)

Thanks for doing your part to help create a happy and healthy planet,
From all of us at Happy Mango Beads

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