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Wire Wrapped Charm Pendant Tutorial

Tutorial by Kimberlie Kohler

This unique pendant featuring a spiral wire wrapping technique can be made with just about any beads and any color of wire of your choice.  The possibilities are endless!



Suggested Tools & Materials:


First, we'll be making the headpins to use in our design.  Start with a piece of wire about 3 inches long.  Grasp the wire with round nose pliers.  The end should not be sticking out of the pliers, you can run your finger over it to make sure.  Twist the wire away from you to form a loop.  Twist your wrist as far as you can then carefully release the wire and reposition the pliers, keeping the wire on the same part of the pliers and twist again.
Hole the loop with chain nose pliers and bend the wire around the loop using your hand.  Keep moving the loop in the pliers as you go around.  Go all the way around twice (or however many times you prefer) to create the spiral.  Then, using your pliers, bend the wire to make it straight at the top of the spiral as shown.  Repeat this method to make as many headpins as you'd like on your pendant.
Add a bead (or a few, if your beads are smaller) to the headpin.  Then, hole the wire just above the bead(s), leaving a little room.  Wrap the wire down and around the barrel of the pliers.  Then, start to wrap around the wire.
Remove from the pliers and then straighten the loop so it's centered above the bead.  Continue wrapping in the same direction to finish the wrap.  Clip off any excess wire if necessary.  Repeat this process for the rest of your charms.  (Note: If you just add earring wires, these would make beautiful, simple earrings!)
Next, we'll make the wire wrapped pendant on which the charms will hang.  Start with a 6 inch piece of wire.  Wrap the wire around a ring mandrel, broom handle, or other round object to form your circle.  You can make the circle larger or smaller, based on your preference.  Make a 90 degree bend in one end of the wire.
Please the wire back on your circular object and wrap the wire around the end that you bent upwards.  Wrap around once or twice to secure.
With the wire that you just wrapped, create a spiral, similar to the ones you made before on the beaded charms.  Finish it off so that it's centered in the middle of your circle pendant, as shown.
Finish wrapping the wire around the loop and trim off any excess.
Using jump rings, attach your charms to the hoop pendant.  Slide the pendant onto your favorite chain, cord, or ribbon and enjoy!  You can try this basic design with different beads and different types of wire.  Happy beading!