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Trim the Tree 2010

Trim the Tree Christmas Ornament Beading Contest - Winners!

What is more fun than making Christmas tree ornaments?  This contest didn't draw too many entries, probably because December is a busy time of the year for everyone.  Regardless, all the entries submitted were BEAUTIFUL, creative and very well done.  We appreciate all the hard work and thank everyone who entered.  Prizes: There were 11 winners in all, the grand prize winner won a $100 gift certificate to Happy Mango Beads and the 10 category winners each won a $25 gift certificate.  Thank you and congratulations!

Grand Prize Winner!
Susan Rivera, "Beaded Felt Christmas Tree Ornament"
"I designed and created this 9" bright blue felt Christmas tree ornament with a deep navy blue back and covered it with numerous handmade appliqued features, many carefully stuffed with the soft batting to give them extra dimension. I also included glass flower beads in two shades of iridescent blue, glass butterfly beads with gold inlay and 140+ vintage sequins in two shades of blue and tiny silver seed beads. The many appliqued features include a 1" x 1 1/2" stuffed felt, tree-top star, (16) 10mm rustic green felt leaves hand-appliqued using butter-yellow embroidery thread, appliqued snow on the branches and felt Christmas ornaments on the tips of each branch. An extra touch: two of the felt tree ornaments are actually small, bright felt earrings!  It was a joy to create."

susan-rivera-1.jpg susan-rivera-4.jpg

Fruitcake - recycled, re-purposed
Jessica Lee Blacknall, "Aluminum Can Christmas Tree"
"I created this tree ornament from an old Shasta can that I ran through a die cut machine.  I then beaded a garland of red, white, and silver and wrapped it around the tree for texture.  The ornament shines brilliantly on the tree as it reflects the colors in the aluminum and the beads."


Jingle Bell Rock - gemstones
Elaine Gill, "Merry Christmas Gemstone Wreath"
"I used a copper washer in the center, green turquoise diamonds, Czech crystals, copper spacers and green artistic wire. It measures two inches across and can be used as a pendant on a copper chain or as an ornament for your Christmas tree."


Around the World - ethnic
Megan Holroyd, "African Beaded Globe"
"I decided to make my ornament entirely out of African beads to fit the “Around the World” category.  I incorporated two kinds of lost wax brass beads from Nigeria and accented them with copper beads from Ethiopia.  The dark browns of ebony wood and silver trade beads from Mali and old coconut discs from Ghana provide a warm contrast to these metals.  For color, Bembe Cote and carnelian beads add bits of red, and a hank of golden-brown Nigerian myrrh resin beads circles the middle."


Blue Christmas - blue
Alicia Sova, "Sparkling in Blue"
"I specially made this ornament cover for this contest and named it "Sparkling in Blue". Materials used: aqua 6/0 opaque matsuno, 11/0 silverline blue, 3mm crystal AB, 4mm cobalt blue AB, 4mm blue tiger eye, 6mm aqua blue plastic beads, small light blue dagger and a daisy spacer."


Peace on Earth - peace signs
Jeanne-Marie Mellor, "Angel of Peace"
"My entry is inspired by both the 'Peace On Earth' and 'Fruitcake' categories. The circumference of the ornament is beaded-wrapped computer wire with copper filings for the hanger. I decorated the circumference (which represents the Earth) with my own-made paper beads and beaded beads, vintage buttons and Czech glass (representing all the colorful people in the world, lol). The inner circles are bead embroidered felt circles using howlite peace signs, shell donuts, seed beads and  in the center is a Tibet silver angel with copper stars and silver spacer. The circles are sewn to each other with using bone beads, white shell and Tibet gold spacers."


Old Fashioned Christmas - traditional
Christina Baker, "Shimmering Star"

"I used 'Miracle Beads' which added a dimension to the ornament with Matte Gold and Pearl Beads finished with smaller Crystal and Glass beads. All strung on wire frame which you can make or buy at a bead or craft store. This is so fun to make with family and friends because you can let your imagination go wild with different beads, colors and style. I wish I had a better camera (only 3 pixels) to capture the true beauty of this ornament!"


Here Comes Santa Claus - Christmas characters
Mara Caporali, "Trinity"
"This ornament consists of three different elements hanging from the same connector: 1) An angel stitched using peyote stitch. 2) A candy cane made with Russian spiral. 3) A self supported (no bead inside) gift box stitched in peyote stitch."


Rudolph & Friends - animals
Renee Martig, "Charmed Heart"
"I made this ornament using a large turquoise heart bead, three pewter charms, plus a carnelian longevity bead, a small lapis heart, a turquoise cylinder bead and a few crystals, it is strung on bronze wire."


The First Christmas - nativity, biblical
Birdy Bella, "
Christmas Button & Bead Angel"

"I've been making my button and bead angels as gifts for quite awhile so it's hard for me to believe this is my very first button and bead 'Christmas Angel'. She is made with a mother of pearl button and red vintage button for her face with rainbow, cobalt blue Czech glass faceted beads for her eyes, brilliant red Czech glass beads for her bodice and various size, colors and kinds of beads for her headdress and the rest of her dress. She is put together with 20 and 24 gauge silver Parawire."


Let it Snow - white
Whitney Smith, "
Crystal Dreams"

"This ornament was created using plastic faceted beads in various shapes and sizes and silver star shaped beads, both from an old necklace, faux pearls, and crackle glass beads. They were put together using steel wire and silver head pins. This piece was inspired by frosty icicles and sparkles brightly when hung near Christmas lights."