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Tribal Dance Earrings Tutorial

Tutorial by Erin Siegel

You can quickly and easily make these chic fashion earrings with a few scrap pieces of waxed lined cord (or other stringing material).  No fancy tools are wire-wrapping skills needed!  String on some favorite beads, add a few knots and you've got a new pair of stylish, light-weight earrings to enjoy.


Suggested Tools & Materials:

  •     Waxed linen cord, embroidery floss, hemp, or other stringing material of your choice
  •     Batik Bone Beads
  •     African Metal Beads
  •     Ear Wires
  •     Additional accent beads of your choice (red tabular ceramic beads shown)
  •     Scissors
1. Fold a 12" piece of your cord in half.  Form an overhand knot close to the folded end, creating a small loop.
2. Use both cords to string 1 red bead, then form an overhand knot after the bead.  Use both cords to string on 1 copper bead, 1 batik bone bead, and 1 more copper bead, then tie another overhand knot to secure.  Trim the ends of your cord to about a 1/2" length (or longer, if you prefer!).
3. Attach your ear wire to the small loop at the top.
4. Repeat this process for the second earring.  Happy Beading!