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Trash to Treasure 2014

Trash to Treasure Beading Contest - 2014 Winners

GRAND PRIZE goes to Candy Taylor Tutt for "Mom's Retired"
"This neckpiece is crafted from the wire bindings on old stenographer pads. Added materials include eyeglass frame, liquor medallion and jewelry findings. Crystals and black glass beads add sparkle and contrast; clasp is recycled from old costume jewelry necklace." ~ Candy



Congratulations to Karan Parker for 'Luau Re-dux'
"No matter what those on Game of Thrones may say, summer is coming! My piece is created with vintage Nehi soda bottle caps, a paper fan decoration, plastic tiki key chain party favors, and two broken plastic thrift store necklaces. To bring a bit of bling to my kitsch, I added rhinestone chains around the paper fan and dressed up the plastic key chain tikis. I used seed beads to bead embroider around the fan and bottle caps. All components are backed in a soft ultra-suede. To liven up the plastic beads from the broken thrift store finds, I added a few crystals. This piece may not be uber serious or elegant but then that is not what I was going for. I hope Luau Re-dux reminds you of tiki torches, mai tais, and fun summer nights … after all, summer is coming!" ~ Karan



Trash to Cash
Congratulations to Latoya Brown for 'Natural Roots'
"Natural Roots Necklace represents our ability to use and reuse the gifts from the earth to make beautiful creations to adorn ourselves. With this necklace you will find cut pieces of Trader Joe paper bags, hemp twine, spiral beads, green beads, and black bead caps. Natural Roots is a very tribal piece that uses a lot of circular elements." ~ Latoya



Scrap Metal
Congratulations to Marlis Burk for 'Who Couldn't Resist'
"This necklace was made from upcycled upholstery leather, vintage resistors, a vintage watch case and vintage watch parts. It is attached to an upcycled black chain. Beautiful Czech glass beads were added for a splash of color and texture." ~ Marlis 
Visit Marlis' Etsy shop: Spiral Spew



Compost Happens!
Congratulations to Shannon Franz for 'Treehugger'
"A beautiful piece of coral I found on a beach is wire wrapped with sterling silver I salvaged from my scrap drawer. The pendant dangles from a hand shaped Honey Locust branch pruned from our backyard. Recycled sterling silver chains connect to another hand shaped Honey Locust branch. Wooden beads (carved by Tibetan Monks) and peridot beads (from a garage sale) dance along the recycled sterling chains. A recycled clasp fastens on the side. I used non-recycled wire to fashion the handmade headpins for the beads." ~ Shannon
Visit Shannon's Etsy shop: Shanali Designs


Is That My Old Windshield?

Congratulations to Jenny Argyle for 'Captive Sea Glass'
"A mix of Japanese and Czech seed beads were used to create a free form netting stitch base.  The sea glass was collected from the beach at Seaham, East Durham Coast, UK.   The naturally tumbled sea glass was secured using innovative free form stitch over bezels.  Shells from Tynemouth were incorporated into the design.  The closure was created from two recycled mother of pearl shirt buttons." ~ Jenny
Visit Jenny's Etsy shop: Keith Agnes Designs



No Earlybirds!
Congratulations to Sarah Heron for 'Great Lengths - Good Bones'
"True to my style, and in celebration of Earth Day, this signature Great Lengths necklace is handcrafted from 99.9% repurposed and reclaimed components. The vintage kachina collar pin (rescued from a thrift store) serves as the inspiration for the piece. It seems to be a natural match with the polished shell, turquoise glass, and African trade beads that were already a part of my curated bead hoard. The various chains and tassel cap are also deconstructed thrift store finds. The wire that I use in all my jewelry was sourced at the estate sale of a woman who made beautiful Faberge-style eggs. Her crafty stash rivaled any I have ever seen. The name 'Good Bones' is drawn from the style reference that often describes real estate or a piece of furniture. It is something solidly built, with good materials, that need a little sprucing up. This is what I look for when hunting for vintage jewelry. The Great Lengths "Good Bones" necklace gives this compilation of vintage gems a fresh bohemian style through color blocking, mixing textures, and celebrating the patina of age in a modern way. The only new components of this piece are the small metal spacers that flank each bead." ~ Sarah
Visit Sarah's Etsy shop: Garnish Industry


I ain't no dang hippie, I just wanted to enter this contest

Congratulations to Simin Shepherd for 'Can Never Have Enough Buttons'
"Old bronze, tin, and shell buttons scavenged off old clothes lend life and age to this necklace, jasper rounds, shell bead flower cutouts with freshwater pearl centers saved from a broken bracelet, glass seed beads, cameo saved off an old broken watch fob, recycled glass beads, small black shark teeth cushion the buttons add detailing, tigerseye rough chips/square cut beads emphasize the colors giving the necklace a lovely autumn panel of shades." ~ Simin