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Stacked Stone Pendant Tutorial

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

The stacked stones in this earthy, nature inspired pendant have zen-like appeal, and the tiny pewter accents give it a little shine! Adrianne says, "I love the natural elements that Happy Mango Beads is known for – it’s my go-to source when I’m looking for something rustic, organic, or unusual."

 Suggested Supplies:

Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.
Begin by cutting a length of wire approximately 8 inches long.  (This doesn’t have to be exact – you’ll be trimming any excess off.)  About an inch from one end, wrap your wire around one side of your round nose pliers, forming a loop.  Next, wrap 2-3 times around the wire itself under the loop, as shown above.  Trim off the excess wire.
Next, stack one pewter disc bead onto the wire so that it rests against the loop you just made.  Then, add stone beads in a graduated pattern from largest to smallest.  There’s a lot of flexibility in this step; you can try different sizes or shapes together to see what you like the looks of best.  Adrianne used seven flat stones.  You may enjoy the look of more or less!  Once you’re happy with your stack, create a large loop in the wire at the top of the stones.
Wrap the tail end of the wire around, between the loop and the top of the stones to fill the gap between.  Continue to wrap several times, creating a spiral on top of the smallest stone.  Because we’re working with irregular elements, don’t focus on the number of times to wrap or the exact dimensions to create, but rather let the stones you have selected guide you.  Each necklace will be slightly different, and unique from all the others!
Next, attach a charm or two at the bottom of the stone stack with a jump ring.  Adrianne used an open heart bead and a 4mm teal rondelle crystal glass with a bead time.  Trim off any excess wire. This is another area where you may wish to add different elements, attaching each charm at the bottom with a 5mm jump ring.
The finished pendant was strung the pendant onto a long (30″) chain, so the necklace is long enough to be put on over your head - no need for any clasps!  Just attach the two ends of the chain together with a jump ring.  You can of course add a lobster clasp to finish yours – especially if you’re planning to sell your pieces, or planning to shorten the chain to a length that might not slip over everyone’s heads.

This piece is easy to make once you’ve mastered basic wire wrapping, and jewelry artists with some experience will find that this piece comes together in 10 minutes or less!

Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour Projects