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Silk & Pewter Heart Wrap Bracelet Tutorial DIY

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

This soft and colorful bracelet uses silk fibers and pewter components.  This boho-chic design adapts to your own favorite colors, and the best part is that if you can braid and tie knots, even a beginner can make this bracelet.

Suggested Materials:

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Silk & Pewter Heart Wrap Bracelet Tutorial DIY
First, group your three strands of silk together and double them in the middle.  Tie an overhand knot so that it creates a group of loops on the end with six strands of silk.  The loops are one side of your bracelet closure, so be sure that the oval button (the other half of your closure) slips comfortably through the loop.

Next, secure the end of your bracelet to a clipboard, pin, or whatever your preference, and separate the six strands into three groups of two each.  Begin braiding them together, and as you work, slip a pewter bead (or two!) onto the outermost strand.  I prefer a random, organic look but if you prefer, you can follow a pattern and space the beads at regular intervals.  Alternately, if you know how to braid a six part braid, you may certainly do that instead!


When you have reached a braided length of 3 – 3.5 inches, slip one of the silk strands through the top side of the heart connector.  Continue to braid as normal, and when you have braided another inch and your weaving reaches the bottom hole of the connector when laid flat, pass the same color silk strand through the hole from the backside.

Continue braiding, adding beads along the way, until you reach a braided length of approximately 14.5 inches.  (You can test this length around your wrist before making any knots, wrapping the bracelet twice around your wrist.  Adjust shorter or longer as necessary.)


Tie an overhand knot at the end of your 14.5 braided inches, and ensure that all strands are secured tightly.  Trim away four of the strands, leaving just two (and preferably, the longest two for ease of manipulation).

Feed one of the silk cords through the center hole of the flat oval bead.  Then, through a spacer bead.  Finally, pass it back through the center of the flat bead.  The spacer bead acts as a stopper to hold the flat bead in place.  Tighten this cord so that the flat bead is as close as it can be to the end of your braid, and using the other silk strand that you reserved, tie a square knot (or a double knot) with these two strands.  Finally, trim away the excess.

Silk & Pewter Heart Wrap Bracelet Tutorial DIY
This will leave you with a button-style loop closure, where you will slip the oval disc through the loop to secure it and to take it off.