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Multi-Strand Button Bracelet Tutorial

Tutorial by Kimberlie Kohler

This project is a great use for any unique large button and features multiple strands of beads.  You can use the same beads for all the strands for a unified look, or use different beads on each strand.  Either way, you'll end up with a fun chunky layered bracelet that's easy to make.



Suggested Tools & Materials:

Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.


Measure around your wrist, adding a few extra inches for room to work with while making the bracelet.  Then cut 8 pieces of wire, all the same length.  You can use more or less strands, depending on your preference.  Once they're cut, pull all of the strands together through one button hole, then through the other, as shown above.  Make sure the strands are centered (the same length on both sides of the button).
Start beading each strand.  Remember, each strand has to go halfway around your wrist.
Use scotch tape or a bead saver at the end of each strand to secure the beads while you are working.  Otherwise, they can slip off fairly easily.
Check to make sure all of your strands are even (or you can just do this as you go along or even count the number of beads and use the same amount on each strand).

Once all your strands are filled up with beads, we're ready to start securing the bracelet to the clasp.  You have a couple options at this step.  You could secure the strands to something else (like a ring, or bead link), which would then connect to your clasp.. If you clasp has a large enough hole to pull all the strands through, you can use the method below.  Make sure that you check the bracelet fits your wrist, PLUS add a little more so you have space to connect your toggle clasp.

TIP: When making this bracelet, it's easy for the strands to get all mixed up, and you could lose track of which end goes to which.  If you get them mixed up, very gently pull on one end and you'll see the other end move.  Kimberlie suggests attaching one strands at a time to each end of the toggle.  Be sure all of your crimp beads are secure as you work.
Once you have attached all your strands, carefully trim off the excess wire.
This basic design can be altered in so many ways.  Mix up your beads, buttons, and clasps to create infinite designs.
Happy Beading!