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May Flowers Necklace Tutorial

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

This is a simple necklace tutorial.  All you need to do is make a few bead charms and connect a couple of components.  The end result gives the same vibe as a ladder necklace or a delicate take on the bib necklace – the pendant makes a fun, floral statement without being bulky or dramatic.
Adrianne says, "I’ve had my eye on this rectangular floral connector for some time now, and suddenly decided exactly how I wanted to use it.  I wanted the asymmetric floral pattern to be the star, and it is, with the addition of just a few beaded charms!"
Suggested Tools and Materials:
 May Flower Necklace Tutorial DIY
The first step is to create your bead charms.  Use your own favorite colors and textures to personalize your necklace.  To make beaded charms, slip the beads onto a decorative head pin.  Grip the pin with your round nose pliers just above the top bead, and wrap the wire end around one side of the pliers to form a loop.
Next, wrap the wire end around the pin in coils between the bottom of the loop and the top of your beads.  Trim off any excess wire with wire cutters.
Next, connect your pieces!  Use the 4mm jump rings to connect your bead charms to the bottom of the connector piece.  Note: there is no specific “top” or “bottom” to this connector.  You may certainly rotate the connector to the position you like best.  Connect the smaller bead charms to each side of the bottom of the connector.  Add the larger bead charm to the ring below the flower (or wherever you prefer to position it).
Connect the larger jump rings to the upper corners, and string a 2mm necklace chain through the top rings to enjoy a delicate floral accessory to fit any wardrobe!