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Linked Bead Bracelet & Necklace Tutorial

Tutorial by Kimberlie Kohler

This bead link design works great for larger/heavier beads (and small ones, too!).  Bracelets especially can easily get snagged on something and broken.  When you use wire, this is much less likely to happen.  Even if you do pull it apart somehow, you won't loose all of your beads.  This design is versatile, can be endlessly customized, and works great for creating a simple matching bracelet and necklace.

Suggested Tools & Materials:

Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.
Start by cutting a piece of wire that is a couple inches longer on each side of your bead.
Hold the wire with your round nose pliers a couple inches from the end of the wire.  You'll notice Kimberlie has made a mark on her pliers with a permanent marker, so that she wraps the wire around the same point on the pliers each time, ensuring consistent loop sizing.  Bent the wire down around the barrel of the pliers.
Take the wire off the pliers.  Then hold the loop in your chain nose pliers and twist around while straightening the loop so it's centered.  Continue wrapping around the wire.  Wrap a few times trying to keep the wraps even and tight.
Continue wrapping around the wire a few more times (depending on your preference), trying to keep the wraps even and tight.  Trim off any excess, then slide a bead onto the wire.  For the first bead link you make, you'll finish the other side following the same steps.  For the rest of the links, you'll be linking the beads together as you go, following the instructions below.
Hold the wire in the round nose pliers and wrap around one barrel of the pliers, but do not complete the wrap.
Slide one loop of the first bead link into the started loop of the second bead link.  Then, hole the loop in your chain nose pliers and complete the wrap as you did before.  Continue this linking method until your bracelet (or necklace) is your desired length.
To complete your bracelet, attach your toggle or lobster clasp using jump rings.  For a necklace, attach your chain or other stringing material.  This is a fun simple way to make a unique matching set of jewelry.
Happy Beading!