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Hamsa Lava Rock Bracelet Tutorial

Tutorial by Rachel of Happy Mango Beads

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern design symbolizing the Hand of God.  It is used in several faiths as a protective symbol.  It is said to bring the wearer happiness, luck, health, and good fortune.  We paired this hamsa hand bead with black natural lava rock beads to create this light-weight, stylish bracelet.  This tutorial would be great for beginners and can be easily modified to create your own unique look.
  Suggested Supplies: Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.
This tutorial makes one 7" bracelet.  You will have extra lava beads left over.  If you need a longer bracelet, you may need a few extra pewter spacer beads.
Start by alternately stringing the lava beads and pewter spacers, beginning with a lava bead.  String 8 lava beads and 7 pewter spacers before adding the hamsa hand.  Place your 3mm or smaller accent bead inside the center of the hamsa hand bead and threat the wire all the way through.
String the second set of 8 lava beads and 7 pewter spacers and thread on the toggle ring.  Tie a simple loop to secure the toggle ring.  Then tie a second loop to create a snot and secure the knot with a dab of stringing glue.  Once the glue dries, snip off the extra wire with your wire cutters.  Repeat this process to secure the bar of your toggle on the other end of the bracelet, and you're done!
In the center bracelet shown above, we used some 8mm round gemstone beads in place of the black lava beads to add a pop of color.  Browse all of our 8mm round lava rock beads and gemstone beads to get inspired and add your own personal flair to this project.  Happy beading!