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Gold Bar Necklace Tutorial

Tutorial by Melanie Artz

Check out just how simple it is to create this trendy modern necklace using these beautiful Brass Ethiopian Beads.
Suggested Tools and Materials:

Quick note: we feature the color gold in this tutorial, but you can use brass, copper, or any other finish you'd like!


Step 1:  Take the brass head pin and clip off the head pin.  If you’re using gold wire, cut a piece roughly 4 inches in length.

Step 2:  Take your piece and create and eye pin with a loop at one end.  This can be done by using the needle nose pliers to bend the wire at a 90 degree angle and then back over to create a loop.  Just like you would find on an eye pin.  I wanted my own custom size eye pin for this necklace measuring at 1 -5/8″.  Trim the excess wire near the loop you just created.

Step 3:  Place the Brass Ethiopian Beads onto the wire leaving enough room to make another eye pin at the end. I used about 33-34 beads on the bar.  Repeat the  step 2 to create your eye pin on the other end.  Trim any excess wire.
Step 4:  Cut 2 pieces of gold chain to about 7-1/2″ each.  You can custom size this as you would like.  If you want a longer necklace, which would look great too, just cut you chain longer.  Open up the ends of the bar and attach it to the the two chains.  It should look like this…

Step 5:  Add the oval jump rings to the end of each chain (2 total).  Connect one end of the lobster claw clasp to the jump ring and close it shut.  On the other end, attach the round jump ring to the oval jump ring. Open up the lobster claw clasp and attach the round jump ring which completes the necklace.

The sheer simplicity and modern aesthetic of this finished necklace will make it a hit for any occasion and only you will know that it didn’t cost a fortune or take forever to make!