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Double Stretch Opal Bracelet Tutorial

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

This beginner jewelry tutorial features faceted opal beads that give an earthy look of stone with a touch of bling.  Adrianne shows us how to finish off the knots in stretch cord to make this bracelet look boutique-worthy.  This design can go with just about any look, straddling that line between casual and dressy. 



Suggested Materials:

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Begin by cutting two lengths of stretch cord, about 12 inches each.  This is longer than you need, but having longer "tails" at each end will make it easier to tie off when you go to finish your bracelet.  Adrianne likes to use a bead stopper for multi-strand bracelets like this, because you can move them on and off the strands you need pretty easily (just pinch the each to separate the coils, and add as many strands between coils as you need to).  If you don't have bead stoppers, you can also tie a seed bead or large knot at the end of each cord to be sure your beads don't slide off the end as you string them on.

The pattern Adrianne used was 8 opal beads on each strand, then add the 2-hole pewter bead onto both strands.  Depending on the beads you use in your own bracelet, you may want more or fewer beads between the pewter beads - there are no rules here!  Adrianne's finished bracelet is 7.5 inches in length.  Adjust yours as needed to fit either a larger or smaller wrist.


When you reach your completed length, secure one strand of beads with knots or stoppers so that you don't spill them off the cord while you finish the other strand.  Slip a crimp bead onto one strand, and then tie a square knot (double knot) to finish the bracelet.  After you finish the knot, slide the crimp bead over the knot, and crimp it gently but firmly.  You want it to hold the knot in place, but you don't want to crimp it so tightly that the bead cuts into the cord.

Next, add a crimp cover over the crimp bead, and gently crimp it into place.  This is purely decorative, but crimp beads aren't that pretty, so this helps give your piece a more finished look.  Tie off the other cord, and trip away the excess cords with your scissors.  The end result is a secure, simple, and classy DIY stretch bracelet you can wear anywhere!