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Copper & Stacked Bead Bib Necklace Tutorial

Tutorial by Adrianne Surian

Handmade jewelry always makes a great gift idea!  If you have made jewelry charms before (or are willing to practice for a try or two!), they you will find that this unique necklace is easy to make and takes less than 10 minutes.
This unique copper pendant looks great paired with turquoise, or any beads of your choosing.  Large connector pendants like this is a great make to make a fast, simple piece of jewelry.  All you have to do is assemble a few pieces together with a few jump rings.  Any charm, bead or pendant can be attached to the lower ring. 
The beauty of this simple design is its endless versatility!  Experiment with different beads to create your own unique look.  Above are a few ideas to get you started.  Beads shown: Electroplated Hematite Nugget Beads, Red Creek Jasper Nugget Beads, and Recyced Glass Donut BeadsRead on for Adrianne's tips on making your own stacked bead charm.

Suggested Tools & Materials:

Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.
Begin by stacking your beads onto a head pin.  At the top of the bead stack, grip the pin with your round nose pliers, and bend the wire around the pliers to form a loop as shown above.
Next, wrap the excess wire around the base of the head pin between the top of the beads and the bottom of the loop you created.  Wrap at least twice for security, but you can wind it as many time as you like to fill the gap between the beads and the loop.  Use flush cutters to trim off the excess wire.  If you find that your wire pokes out a little, use chain nose pliers to press the sharp edge down so that ti doesn't scratch or catch on your clothing.
Once your bead charm is made, all you have to do is connect all the pieces together.  Use the large jump ring to connect the bead charm to the bottom of the copper pendant.
Then, connect the chain to the top holes in the pendant using the smaller jump rings.  If you leave the chain length long enough to slip over your head, there's no need to add a clasp!  If you prefer a shorter necklace, simply cut the chain into two equal pieces, and connect a lobster clasp to one side and a jump ring to the other.
Happy beading!