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Color Me Happy Wrap Tutorial

Tutorial by Erin Siegel

This fun, versatile piece can be worn as a necklace or a wrap bracelet.



Suggested Tools & Materials:

  •     A variety of colors of 6mm round wood beads (48 beads each of orange, pink, teal, and yellow shown)
  •     204 brass or other metal beads, 3-5mm (brass beads from Ethiopia shown)
  •     1 pewter heart charm, or other charm of your choice
  •     1 jump ring to attach your charm
  •     1 large flat bead (or button)
  •     3 yards of 1.5mm (or thinner) leather cord
  •     Chain nose pliers
  •     Scissors
  •     Ruler
Cut the leather in half.  Use both cords to form an overhand knot about 1/2" from the ends.  Trim cord 1/4" from the knot as shown.  Use both cords to string the flat disc bead.  Use both cords to form another overhand knot 1/2" from the previous knot as shown, securing the bead.

Use one cord to string 3 brass beads and 3 wood beads as shown.  Repeat this pattern 7 more times, using the colors of your choice.  End with 3 brass beads.


Repeat the above pattern on the second string of leather cord.  You can match your colors, use all different ones, or make up a new pattern.  The combinations are endless!

Use both cords to form another overhand knot, securing your beads.  Then tie another overhand knot about 1" from the first.  This will create a slot for the large flat bead.  You can add some extra flair by stringing a few of the smaller metal beads on the very ends of your cords, and secure them with another knot.
Use your jump ring to attach your charm, and you're finished!  This piece can be wrapped around the wrist a few times to be worn and a bracelet, or worn long as a necklace.