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Beaded Charm Pendant Tutorial

Tutorial by Kimberlie Kohler

This is a highly customizable pendant project that uses wire and glass White Heart African Trade beads.  Although, you could alter this design to use any beads of your choice.


Suggested Tools & Materials:

Please note: some items pictured may not be available from Happy Mango Beads. Please see the above links for suggestions.



Cut a piece of wire about 13" long.  Hold the wire in the middle with round nose pliers at the largest part of the barrel of the pliers.  Then make a loop by crossing the ends. Twist the wire to secure the loop.
Wrap the wire around something round as large as you would like to make your pendant.  I used a hand lotion bottle that was about 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" across the lid.  If you're using something larger or smaller, you'll need more or less wire to start with.  You will have to push the wire especially where the loop you formed because it will be more in a triangle form.  Cross the wires and make one twist right across from where your loop is.
Take the wire off and then untwist it.  (We did this so we'd know how far to bead.)  Straighten one of the sides out just enough to get the beads on.
Slide the beads on.  If you're following this tutorial exactly, you will need 17 of the turquoise White Heart African Trade beads.
Put the wire back on your circular object that you used to begin with and reform your circle.  Twist the wire twice and make sure your beads are secure.
Remove the wire from your circular object.  Hold one wire with your round nose pliers and wrap it around one barrel.
Take the loop off the round nose pliers and hold it in your chain nose pliers.  Straighten the loop.  Continue wrapping that one wire in the same direction, but do not wrap the other wire.  Make sure your loop is secure.  Cut off any excess wire.
Now we're going to make a spiral with the other wire.  Make a flush cut on the end of the wire.  Hold the end of the wire between your round nose pliers.  The wire should be at the end but not poking through the pliers.  Twist the pliers away from you, using your wrist.  Once you go as far as you can. leave your pliers inside the loop but readjust the pliers and then finish the loop.  The loop will look like a "p".
Hold the loop you made in your chain nose pliers.  Bend the wire around the original loop to create the beginning of the spiral.  Continuing wrapping until the spiral is complete.  Push down the spiral so it lays flat against your pendant like in the photo.
Now we're going to make a few spiral headpins to make beaded charms.  Cut 3 pieces of wire, 3" long each.  Create your spiral ends and hammer them (optional).  Slide a few beads onto your new headpins.
Hole the wire in your round nose pliers.  Bend the wire down and around the barrel of the pliers. Begin to make your wrapped bail but do not complete it.
Place the open loop on to the bottom of your pendant, then finish wrapping around the loop and trim off any excess wire.  Add as many charms to the bottom as you'd like!