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Here’s something you don’t hear often, one of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is wrapping presents! I believe if a recipient sees my gift and doesn’t say, “it’s too pretty to unwrap”, I’ve stolen half the magic of opening a present. Perfectly creased edges of unique wrapping paper adorned with coordinating ribbon twisted and fluffed into a crowning bow are of joy and good tidings to me. I love coming up with new ways of stacking related presents in complimentary papers and using unusual items for ribbons and bows. Some of my go-to’s are ric-rac ribbon trim and hot-glued pompoms that create a bow of snowballs.

After we at Happy Mango Beads added so many fun and one of a kind pendants this year, I’ve been itching to play with how some would look on gift-wrapped packages. I paired the sparkle and class of the plated leaf pendants, a large pewter skeleton key and Tibetan amulet with simple papers and ribbon to really make them pop. To adorn a more masculine wrapping style I paired a rustic iron 'letter' pendant with natural colors and raffia. For the more colorful and festive papers I used ric-rac ribbon and assorted resin beads as focal points and painted a rustic iron snowflake pendant in matching colors to add sparkle. Most were tied on with the ribbon but some had to be sewn onto the ribbon to create the perfect hang and sway. Let’s be honest, we all have extra beads, why not use them!










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Stacked Stone Pendant Tutorial

The stacked stones in this earthy, nature inspired pendant have zen-like appeal, and the tiny pewter accents give it a little shine! Adrianne of Happy Hour Projects made it, and you can, too! "I love the natural elements that Happy Mango Beads is known for – it’s my go-to source when I’m looking for something rustic, organic, [...]

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African Dreams Bracelet by Toni Brundage

Toni Brundage, a long-time Happy Mango Beads customer, purchased our African Dreams Bead Collection and she created this wonderful bracelet! "I am inspired by nature, especially sunsets – it is a constant source of inspiration. I love photography so I spend a lot of time photographing birds, flowers, etc. I like how everything in nature has its [...]

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Where Does Happy Mango Beads Live?

Have you ever wondered exactly where Happy Mango Beads is located?This picture shows our building (before and after). We purchased this 100 year old building 4 1/2 years ago in beautiful, historic downtown Berthoud, Colorado and we renovated it. We completely gutted it, stripped paint off the brick, even excavated the ground underneath, a tremendous [...]

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Trick or Treat at Happy Mango Beads!

Save 10% off your entire order, plus receive a FREE baggie of assorted Halloween beads and charms by simply entering TRICKorTREAT in the coupon code box during checkout. (expires October 31st)

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​ Lessons Learned from the GPS Lady

We’ve traveled a lot but we’ve never used GPS. There was always an additional charge for it when renting a car, and, quite honestly, I’m a map-person, I love maps, and I’m also a great navigator (aka nagrivator). The car we are currently renting came with GPS, it was a free upgrade and we were stuck with it. We [...]

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Kuchi Beaded Medallions from Afghanistan

"I was wandering around the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok when I discovered these colorful little treasures. A group of Afghan women were offering a variety of trinkets, textiles and jewelry for sale. I was drawn to the fine beadwork and the fun ethic patterns, and so of course I had to buy them to share [...]

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Bead Clean Up

In my recent ventures into jewelry making I’ve improvised a few tricks that I felt were blog-worthy. First thing is that a new kitten and an exposed beading project do not mix well. Add to that scenario a carpeted craft room and I thought for sure I would lose at least half of my precious [...]

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Beading Advice...in 4 Words or Less!

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their best beading advice in 4 words or less, and this is what they came up with: 1. Buy the best tools. 2. Heavy duty crimp beads. 3. Bead happy. 4. Just try it! 5. Always follow your heart. 6. Trust your design instincts. 7. Patience, don't give up! 8. Buy ALL the beads! 9. Take chances. 10. Try it [...]

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! From the beads we sell to the packaging we use to ship the beads, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. All of our recycled glass beads and sandcast beads from Africa and Indonesia are crafted using old, discarded and broken glass such as bottles, windshields, mirrors, etc. Most of the [...]

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