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Eco Friendly

Happy Mango Beads and the Environment


We at Happy Mango Beads are as committed to our planet as we are to our customers. We are continuously seeking new ways in which we can become more “green”. From the beads we sell to the packaging we use to ship the beads, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Our efforts to go green begin with the beads we sell. All of our recycled glass and sandcast beads from Africa and Indonesia are crafted using old, discarded and broken glass such as bottles, windshields, mirrors, etc. Most of the metal beads we offer are made from used materials as well, for example the recycled aluminum cube beads from Ethiopia were crafted by melting down old aluminum silverware. Also many of our brass beads from Ghana are made from old keys.
In addition to beads made from recycled materials we also offer beads made from environmentally friendly, sustainable resources. Some examples of these beads are: seed and nut, wood, bone, clay and several others. Our Indonesian wood beads are made from fast-growing trees which are farmed, not only to help the environment, but for commercial purposes as well, making them very environmentally friendly. We guarantee that none of our Indonesian wood beads come from endangered rainforests in the region.
There is much concern regarding the sale of coral beads. Please understand there are very strict standards set in place regarding the importing of coral into the USA and we are one of over 200 countries that have very tight regulations regarding this. International law protects the rarest and all endangered coral in all parts of the world. It's important that you understand that many varieties of coral are considered sustainable and in reality some grow faster than they are being harvested. The proof that backs this up allows our coral beads to be imported legally which we do through a license obtained through the US Dept of Fish & Wildlife. The same applies to our seashell beads. In regard to black coral, yes, it is considered endangered in the waters of the Yucatan/Belize and that particular species is not what we sell. Black coral is found in oceans all over the world, just as the common bamboo and sponge corals are, but black coral is spindlier and not as popular, so we don't find it made into beads very often. Bead making also rarely uses anything but the scraps from other trades using coral and a reef would never be destroyed just to make the beads.
Our commitment to being environmentally friendly extends beyond the beads we sell; it's reflected in nearly all aspects of our business.  Our packing paper is 100% recycled and recyclable. Around the warehouse we are continually instituting new policies to become more and more green. For example we recycle all cardboard, paper, glass and plastic. We keep our thermostat at a consistent 68 degrees and we embrace the natural light from our large windows. We use environmentally friendly cleaning and lavatory products. Plus two of our employees even carpool to reduce emissions!
Let’s all do our part to help create a happy, healthy planet. WE CARE and we hope you do too!