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Leaf Pendants

Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum Plated Genuine Leaf Pendants - All of the pendants on this page are superior quality and handcrafted using genuine leaves. These unique pendants are produced by soaking each leaf in a special solution that dissolves the fleshy parts of the leaf leaving the veins and skeleton intact. The leaf is then coated with varnish to preserve and stiffen and make it easier to handle. The surface is then hand painted with a copper based paint that conducts electricity. Once the natural surface is coated with the copper a metal is electroformed or (electroplated) onto the leaf. The result is a beautiful leaf that is preserved in fine silver (99.9% pure silver), copper or 24k gold. Many of the pendants are one of a kind, you will receive the exact item which is pictured.  Click on the image below and a new page will open offering larger views, a detailed description and purchase information.